Would like to run a CS:S Server

Hey guys,

I use my 512 to develop a website and run a small Minecraft server for my brother and me. However, I feel like the server is idle most of the time, so I'm thinking of hosting a CS:S server for glass maps(I miss glass maps).

I would like to run at least a 16 player server, but from what I've been reading a 16 player server would take much more than 512 megs of ram to run. However, I've seen some old Linode posts about people 24 player TF2 servers on a machine like this.

Is it possible that I can host a 16 player CS:S server on top of my minecraft server? I'm worried about the ram requirement.


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According to this you'll want at least 1GB for 16 people. You could just try it out however and see how it works.

EDIT: But on top of Minecraft, wouldn't count on it. Minecraft already uses A LOT of memory as it is. Running minecraft -AND- CSS on 512MB will very very likely give you oom problems.

Yes I have seen that web post, but I made this post because people seem to have done it on Linode without 1 GB of ram.

And yes I agree I probably couldnt run it on top of minecraft. I would probably switch them out when needed.

I thought I had a post around here somewhere explaining my experiences, but I can't seem to find it.

Anyway, I've run CS:S GunGame and CS:S ZombieMod and Killing Floor and Minecraft on my 512, which I think was a 360 at the time maybe. All one at a time though.

I was able to play successfully on a 64-player ZombieMod server with me + 63 hard bots. My friends and I were able to play on the GunGame server with no lag at all. I didn't get a chance to test how this works with a lot of players but it worked fine 3v3.

Killing Floor also worked great but is NOT srcds. That game was able to play with 6 human players and however many zombies the map had, usually 200+.

I do know that at one time I had to replace my /proc/cpuinfo with one from a different server so that the srcds engine would start. This was a LONG time ago and may have been back in the UML days, but I'm not sure.

Minecraft, which you seem to already have running, took up quite a few resources. I ended up changing the recommended commandline to start the server. The recommended one sets the jvm RAM to 1024MB, I was able to run successfully by setting that to the upper 90MBs. I wouldn't count on running MC + SRCDS on the same box at the same time though. Worth a shot.

If you have any questions I'll help out however I can!

I run cs 1.6 server with 14 players in my 512 linode. Works well sometimes i got lag but is fine.


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