How to edit configuration profile?

okay, with the help of webmin, i have got a website up and running, this software is really helpful :)

i have one question now:

when i use distro wizard setup a redhat install, i used the default value in the select disk image size, the default was the max avaliable space, so in my configuration profile, i only have

/dev/ubda redhat image

/dev/ubdb 256 swap

i now need one more partition, such as add /dev/ubdc , how do i do this in linode?

i try to get a similiar structure like below: (was mentioned in another post)

/dev/ubda Red Hat 9.0 (Small Disk Image)

/dev/ubdb Home Volume

/dev/ubdc 128MB Swap Image

and what is "Uncompressed initrd image"? you will see this under Create Linode Configuration Profile>>Drive Setup

thanks in advance.

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First off if you have used all your disk space on your existing disk images you will either have to purchase additional disk space or make you existing RedHat image smaller.

You can resize your RedHat image by selecting the image under the disk image section of the LPM and enter a new smaller size, you need to ensure you do not choose a size which is so small you begin to lose data.

You will then need to create a new image with the free disk space, this can be done at the bottom of the disk images page, enter the image name and the size that you need.

Once this is done you need to update the configuration profile, as you already have the swap on ubdb you may as well leave it there as you will have other files to edit if you move it.

So under ubdc select the newly created image and save the profile.

If it then time to reboot you linode so you can access the new image.

You now need to set the image to mount on boot and create a mount point. From the looks of you post you are wanting to move the /home directory. There is another post on the forum on how to do this.


thanks, i think i have got it :)


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