Encrypyted filesystems on linode

Has anyone tried encrypting a block device on a Linode?

I'm assuming it's possible but I've never actually tried. I could not find anything in the wiki.

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You can do DRBD on Linode, which would tell me you can have an encrypted file system.

In case anyone cares it works with the standard kernel. No problems whatsoever.

I setup a new disk called xvdf and ran:

cryptsetup luksFormat /dev/xvdf
( Type 'YES', enter passphrase )
cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/xvdf xvdf-crypttest
( enter passphrase )
mkfs -t ext4 /dev/mapper/xvdf-crypttest
mkdir /crypt-test
mount /dev/mapper/xvdf-crypttest /crypt-test

I don't intend to use this in production, I just wondered if it would work.

DRBD is the next thing to play with. :D


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