used psybnc, for years never had a problem, but if someone wants or is willing to setup a config for me, just for the sake of it i welcome them, dcc does'nt even initiate, just sits there, like theres a firewall, but theres no firewall running, and dcc to bots drop etc!


P.S Any information on this subject is greatfully received its not just me but all 13 people on my linode so it cant be a config issue its with eggdrops aswell!

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Chat with xxxxxxx

Waiting for acknowledgement…

[07:07] –psyBNC- xxxxxxx sent a DCC Chat Request. Use /DCCANSWER xxxxxxx or /DCCANSWER S=xxxxxxx (SSL) to establish the connection (

accept chat!

[07:07] <(xxxxxxx> [9] Chat closed



for bouncers, I prefer ezbounce. Tested and ran on my linode just fine (though, it does eat a lot of bandwidth, so I removed it), DCC, etc, run fine and configging takes 2 seconds and is very straight forward. Just do a yahoo or google search for "ezbounce", usually is the first on the list.

– Griswald

Theres actually some strange issue with the last two releases of Psy that for reasons I don't know cause the dcc hang error. I finally gave up and went to EZBounce (I admit this was a few months ago, I'm really not on IRC much at all now). Before the last couple of Psy updates teh DCC function worked fine, same machine, updated PSy, same errors you see.


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