Linode and Drupal expert Wanted.

WANTED : a linode server and drupal guru.

I need to hire an expert who can optimize my current website.

Issues are page delivery speed and the occasional notice of site overloading. It also sometimes crashes and requires a reboot.

The website is a drupal 6 installation.

Please contact me via email

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Before hiring an "expert", which is most likely to end up with the same advice, GET A BIGGER LINODE.

If you still want to get an expert, you'd narrow your search if you gave more details about your current setup (i.e. linode size, distro, drupal setup, plugins, web engine, number of hits, etc. etc.).

There is nothing wrong with getting a bigger Linode. If the alternative is paying someone to tune things it's likely the cheapest thing to do. But a single Linode 512 can scale pretty far.

Mysql, Nginx, php-fpm+APC, and cloudflare will give you a drupal setup that can handle plenty of load. Even more if you have enough RAM left to put the drupal cache in APC.

First things first - Is the normal drupal caching on? Because that alone makes a big difference.

While there could be some things you can optimize (if you're not running the nginx/php-apm/apc/mysql stack sednet mentioned, I'd start there), a larger Linode might be cheaper. You figure an expert on western wages will charge $100/hour and take a few hours to poke around. Let's say that's $300. If you're currently on a $20/mo Linode (which, rumor has it will have more RAM shortly and already has more CPU), you can upgrade to a $40/mo plan. It will take a little over a year for your $300 expert to cost less than a new Linode.

That being said, optimized software is always a good things and is pretty much my go-to guide for Drupal performance. Make sure you've tried all the tricks and methods 2bits has blogged about extensively.

After that point, then maybe you do want to hire someone. just posted this fantastic PDF/slideshow: … o-know.pdf">

So, OP, how are you making out?


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