Cpanel or Not To Cpanel ?

I am like very new to linux administration. Linode helped me learn tons.

But every time a new client comes a long (we are very small) need to go ssh, and try manage everything which is tedious for a newbie like me. We don't let users manage anything, so its basically all for ourselves. The question is; is cpanel worth it ? is it secure ? or if its not, can we make it like when we aren't supposed to work on server we disable it to make things more secure ?

Some guidance will be appreciated.

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The question is; is cpanel worth it ?

How much time in terms of hourly rate does it take you to do everything via SSH? If it's longer than $15 per month then I suspect cPanel is worth it.

You can firewall off cpanel so you can only access it from your ip or via a ssh tunnel which is a good way to secure it.

If you do go the cpanel route however you will need to install on a clean installation (probably using centos) and move your sites to it. Cpanel doesn't play well with existing installations.

You also still have to spend time updating cpanel etc.

Personally I wouldn't bother unless you were planning to give your clients access to their own hosting.

Cpanel will add a layer of separation between you and the stuff you are managing. It might make some things faster but it will hide important details and make you less knowledgeable about the systems you are managing. You really don't need it, it's not an advantage, and it's one more thing to go wrong.

I would not use cpanel, webmin, or any other control panel.

CPanel completely bastardizes CentOS - so once you go the CPanel route, you best be VERY happy with the CPanel support forum because when the CentOS support forum finds out you installed Cpanel, they will laugh in your face and then send you packing.

Since your users aren't touching the server - there is NO reason for Cpanel. Just learn to script out your sysadmin tasks and it will be faster, safer, and way way way way less memory use (plus you'll save the stupid Cpanel rental fee).

@Mr Nod:


The question is; is cpanel worth it ?

How much time in terms of hourly rate does it take you to do everything via SSH? If it's longer than $15 per month then I suspect cPanel is worth it.
Also considering it's CPanel, it's worth considering how many hours you lose per month by having to fix problems potentially caused by it.

Managing web hosts and email accounts etc. via SSH… nightmare! We use Virtualmin and Webmin. I think its fantastic.

We come from a Cpanel background. All our older servers were CPanel, up until recently we knew nothing else as its often included with VPSs. When we moved to using many Linode servers we needed to pay for CPanel licenses so we started to question whether we need it, what are the alternatives. During this process we found out CPanel changes the OS and I was not too happy with that. Whereas Virtualmin/Webmin I believe is a standalone layer, I read it can just be removed and the server carries on working the same. Its more of a config file and services editor perhaps. I much prefer this setup. We went with Virtualmin and its fantastic, does everything we need Cpanel to do. The Virtualmin forums have also been a good source of support.

Since moving to Linodes with Virtualmin, we have seen MUCH less issues. We still have CPanel servers, and seems I am needing the server hosts support FAR more often than the Linodes.

So I get the general impression Cpanel causes more issues, requires more support, and costs more money. Dont think I will ever go back to it.


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