Self-Signed SSL behind Varnish for Wordpress wp-admin

Hello Chaps/Gals,

I'm having a little trouble trying to configure a secure connection with a self-signed cert for the admin area of a Wordpress installation.

We currently use Varnish as a reverse proxy and everything is running fine. I've never used secure connections before and experience a bit of difficulty setting this up. My SSL port is open (443) and I have set up certificates and NGINX configurations in accordance with the Linode guides but getting a few errors when trying to access my site via namely these:

Error 113 (net::ERRSSLVERSIONORCIPHER_MISMATCH): Unknown error.


Error 107 (net::ERRSSLPROTOCOL_ERROR): SSL protocol error.

My setup:

  • Ubuntu 12.04

  • NGINX (1.2.7)

  • Varnish cache (3.0.3)

  • PHP 5.3.1

  • OpenSSL/1.0.1

This is the first time I've tried to do this and relatively new to the whole Ubuntu/Nginx environment. I can't see anything being flagged up on the error logs so at a bit of a loose end…

Any help would be greatly appreciated,


Paul :-)

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I'd suggest start by posting your nginx and varnish configuration files.


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