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It would be nice to have Longview's session have a longer life than an ordinary Manager session. I'd like to be able to leave it up somewhere (a tab, a monitor, etc) so I can watch it, without having to log back in every so often.

Or… perhaps a read-only URL, authenticated by a token in the URL, that I can throw up somewhere or send to a friend without giving full access to the Manager? (Kinda like Geckoboard dashboards; boom, here's a dashboard.)

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+1 For read-only URL, if possible perhaps with permission filters? (exclude processes / IO graphs, for example)

Well, the widgets apparently do work like that, but I also second the ability to have readonly URLs in order to drill down into particular graphs and services.

RESTful API with HTML and JSON representations of the same data? HTML viewable as nice graphs, JSON for m2m? Just some thoughts…

We actually discussed read-only URLs very early on in development. I don't think anything negative came out of those discussions, they just didn't make it in the first round of beta. This is great though, we'll add it (back) to the list. We've heard these sentiments from a couple people, mostly in the "I want the session to stay alive longer" way.


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