RAM Upgrade!

So Linode have made available migration to a new VPS for the 2x RAM upgrade!! :-)

I'm currently in the queue position 12 of 14 for my datacenter (London)

Thanks Linode!

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That didn't take long, I now have 1Gb of RAM (previously 512Mb)… Yeah!

This is excellent!

> We’ll be enabling the upgrade by data center very soon, with the exception of Fremont which may take another week or two – we’ll be explaining more on Fremont in another post.

oh… darn. Wonder what the hold up is for us in Fremont?

The generally accepted reason is that they've outgrown their current DC and need to switch to a larger one. However, this has not been confirmed by Linode.

Great upgrade, I needed that RAM.

However I LOL at:
> Migrate Filesystem - Swap from london398.linode.com

Migrate 'disk' maybe?


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