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Would it be possible to show the PID/PPID of processes in the explorer? Sometimes I see processes running but I'm not sure which one is causing it. The names aren't always specific enough.

For example, I see the process "perl" but this doesn't show up in htop/ps so it's a little bit unknown where it came from. Yet longview says it is still running. Now, I also use CSF/LFD firewall which uses perl, so it's most likely that process. Knowing the PIDs of files will make identification easier.

Bonus points for also tracking /proc/$pid - I haven't had this on my own Linode, but I have seen that crons or for example hacked websites run scripts (irc bots or w/e). This is a pain to troubleshoot sometimes. Having Longview track this and allow me to see and the processes with PIDs AND the information from /proc/$pid (like cmdline or even the links to /proc/pid/exe, e.g. lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 0 Apr 17 10:20 /proc/23105/exe -> /usr/bin/tmux ) would be super awesome. See here


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The process view combines user/process name pairs so you have a count of how many of a given process exists. I'm not sure if it'd be helpful, but we could easily track the PID and perhaps expose that via CSV or something? We're pretty well aware of procfs if you've poked through the source :). We'll take a look at other methods of obtaining the process name. Thanks for the feedback!


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