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I would like it to be possible to see the current versions of installed packages & as an extra perhaps compiled software. I can currently see it for out-of-date packages, but once it has been updated I can't see the versions anymore.

It would be great to have a list of installed packages, regardless of whether they're up-to-date, with perhaps a secondary tab that contains the latest-version. (and a tab with the installed version).

Also things like self-compiled daemons, e.g. Apache, MySQL/PHP/Nginx/Exim/Dovecot would be great to have in the software-version list.

Bonus points for being able to export such a list in a scheme of [all] Longview clients to see which version is installed on which Linode(/server).


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I like the idea of being able to see all of the packages installed along with their current version, and eventually being able to compare them across all servers with Longview installed.

Detecting compiled software is a whole other animal though! I'm not sure we could devise a scheme smart enough to cover every corner there (open to suggestions though :P !)

The way we currently do this is with a custom Nagios script that executes a /path/to/software –version (or whatever works for that software) and does some matching/cutting to get rid of the extra text and only show the version, which is then sent to a database. The data from the database is then used to create a table that we can view on a website.

It's a bit hack-y but it works. Perhaps something like that could be used for custom Longview scripts? I believe nagios scripts limit the output to 4KB.


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