Upgrade Ubuntu 10.04 (32 bits) to 12.04 (64 bits)

Hi guys, can i upgrade my Ubuntu 10.04 (32 bits) to 12.04 (64 bits) without losing data (my sites)?

If so, can i do it by the Lish Ajax console?


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You cannot do an upgrade from 32bit to 64bit distro. Your best and the least - hassle solution is to rebuild, but this time with a 64bit distro.

You can use Lish for that if you like.

Thank you petar.

Maybe it´s better to create another linode and then move my files, right? Just in case something goes wrong and i can go back.

I was just wondering, my site is on Linode 1, i create a Linode 2 and move my site there, how do i "tell" the internet on which Linode i am? Do i create a DNS to the new one and delete the DNS for the older one?

You can swap Linode ips as long as they're in the same DC. And yes creating a new Linode and copying your files over (as long as they're not compiled) is the best solution. You can keep your old Linode around for as long as you like and Linodes are pro-rated to the day.

So you're running a 4Gig (or larger) VPS?

If not, then why waste memory running a 64bit OS?

You know I noticed the other day when deploying a Linode that the 64 bit show up as "recommended" it used to be 32 bit I wonder when that changed…

mmm, good point vonskippy, i just thought 64 bit aplications could be faster…i don´t know. I´m on 1GB ram.

obs, nice tip, swapping ip addresses i think is much easier and faster.

If you're on a 1GB instance stick with 32 bit. 32 bit uses less ram than 64 bit.

i think there's an issue with 32bit kernels on the new linode xen. hence why the recommendation changed.

64 bit kernels work fine with 32 bit userspace though, that's what I'm using atm.

Thanks obs.

Chesty, is that issue official?

Don´t know if i got it right, are you saying to install the 64bits kernel together with Ubuntu 32 bits?


The issue is official I've experienced it. You can run 32 bit software on a 64 bit kernel but not the other way around.

Thanks obs, so that´s the way to go.

if you want to run a 64 bit kernel with 32 bit userspace, install ubuntu 32 bit, (or if you're upgrading a 32 bit userspace, do nothing) then change the kernel to the latest 64 bit.


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