Refreshing javascript RSS feed without flickering


I have the following RSS feed: RSS Feed

I load this feed like this:

file: rss2.php

Now what I want to do, is automatically refresh this page. I tried to do this with a meta tag, but this gives flickering when it refreshes.

Now what I want to do, is check for updates in the RSS feed, say, every 1 minute. If there are updates, I want it to display the latest feed, but I don't want it to flicker.

I understood that the way to do this is through javascript/jquery/AJAX. My knowledge of those is pretty much nonexistant, so I googled quite a bit and found some tutorials and such, but nothing seems to work the way I want for me. In the end I think at some point I had something that did refresh fine but it didn't load the CSS so I was missing the layout.

Besides the rss2 file I also have rss-testing.php, this is what I have right now whilst trying, but it's not working at all for me:


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I'm no expert in this stuff, but what about doing the HTML equivalent of page flipping? One div is visible, one div is hidden, always update the hidden div, after updating, show the hidden, hide the visible. Next update, reverse.


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