Apache Acting Weird after Migration

So I moved some server files from my old server to a new server. And now I keep getting these errors:

"(13)Permission denied: httpd: could not open error log file /path/to/logs/error.log.

Unable to open logs"

I changed permissions to root, no go.

I changed permissions to apache, no go.

I changed permissions to 1777, no go.

I commented out the error.log files.

That's when it fails on access.log;

"[Wed Jun 05 00:13:03 2013] errorPermission denied: could not open transfer log file /path/to/logs/access.log."

I'm using;

CentOS release 6.4 (Final)

Apache/2.2.15 (Unix)

The old server had 32 bit (i686 i386), the new one is on 64 bit (x86_64).

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Sounds like you haven't granted the website permission to access "/path/to/logs/" on your new server.

Check that "/path/to/logs/" is part of open_basedir in the VirtualHost conf file for your website.


Not sure I'm following. What do you mean when you say open_basedir? And from my understanding that has to deal with php, and not apache starting up a service with files that are correctly owned by the apache user. (?)

It was selinux. Also my iptables was causing some issues. I think it's all fixed now…


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