Linode support for Ansible

I wrote a Linode inventory plugin for Ansible, and it just got merged.

This lets Ansible pull your host list directly from the Linode API rather than from a static file. Hosts are grouped by datacenter and by display group, and it creates variables corresponding to all the attributes returned by linode.list. It requires Chube.


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Because I am complete noob at ansible, what do you gain from this? Might be looking to move away from puppet.

If you're bringing up and tearing down Linodes every day (like I am) then it's nice to have Ansible automatically know what nodes are around at any given time. The idea of manually editing an inventory file all the time makes me sick to my stomach.

I understand Ansible can also be used to do the spinning up and tearing down, but I haven't looked into that yet. I'm an Ansible noob too.

Linode support has been updated in Ansible 2.8.

This work was primarily contributed by Luke Murphy.


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