Part of a PHP form isn't getting put into email

I have a PHP form with the following two files:


 <title>WikiHub Request Wiki</title> 

<form action="submit.php" method="post">

     <label for="name">Your name:</label>

     <label for="email">Your email address:</label>

     <label for="wikiName">Name of your wiki:</label>

     <label for="metaNS">Meta namespace:</label>

         This is the name of the page name prefix that is used for 
            pages about your wiki.  Leave this blank if you want.

     <label for="subdomain">Subdomain</label>

     <label for="topic">Topic: Please describe the topic of your
                          wiki and what it will be about, or what
                          you plan to do with it.
Please write enough
                          to show us that this is a legitimate request
                          and not spam.</label>




 <title>Form submitted</title> 

Your name: $name

Your email address: $email

Name of your wiki: $wikiName

Meta namespace (if specified): $metaNS

Domain of your wiki: $
Topic of your wiki:


The Topic part keeps getting left out, both on submit.php and in the email.

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I don't see a problem. Perhaps you can try this? … a-textarea">

Try $topic = trim($POST['topic']); - my guess would have been a different field or cookie with the same name - $REQUEST includes cookie data.

You should always try to be specific in PHP - this will reduce attack vectors. If you know the data is coming from a POST of a form use $_POST.


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