How to configure Nameservers for .de domains?

Hi everyone!

I've registered by Godaddy. Unfortunately each time when I try to change the namespaces within the Godaddy Domain manager I receive the error message:

> "The modifications you requested for the domain DAMINION-SOFTWARE.DE have FAILED.

Error: ModifyRegistration request failure"

Nameservers for .de domains have specific requirements and checking Linode nameservers by the below service was failed:

I receive the error messages for and
> Error 902 Timeout (target)


Error 902 Timeout (target)


Godaddy representative suggest me to contact Linode since Linode created the nameservers they need to ensure they are configured properly for .de domains.

While Linode support suggested me to contact to Godaddy:
> "We've investigated the requirements described by the .de registry, and our nameservers comply with them. Based on the errors GoDaddy provided you, it looks like they were unable to reach our nameservers via IPv6. I've checked our infrastructure and haven't been able to replicate that issue, or identify any recent problems that would have interrupted connectivity to our nameservers.

I would recommend that you reach out to GoDaddy to reattempt their tests, and if they run into the same issue, to check for IPv6 issues on their end that would be preventing them from reaching our nameservers."

Does anyone experienced the same issue with setting Linode nameservers on Godaddy for .de domains? How did you solve it?

Thanks in advance!

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How did you solve it?
Use a better registrar - GoDaddy sucks.

Unfortunately domain transfer is locked up by Godaddy - up to the middle of the August but I need to launch our web-site urgently.

Nevermind, this time I've definitely got it up to par with my signature. Sorry.

Doesn't GoDaddy offer DNS service for the domains registered with them?

You don't HAVE TO move your DNS control over to Linode, just setup your DNS records under GoDaddy.

//just curious - why are your domains locked until mid-August? - I didn't know that any domain registrars, even Godaddy, would hold your domains hostage as long as you're currently paid up//

Last I heard (not using GoDaddy myself), whenever you purchase or renew at godaddy, you have a checkbox in lines of "lock from transfer for next three months for extra security".

The checkbox is of course completely voluntary… in the sense that if you don't check it, you can't continue with the purchase. But you did ask for the lock, out of your own will, right?

The error message seems to indicate that ns1 and ns2 are not reachable; you could try using ns3, ns4, and ns5 instead. On the chance that the error message is wrong, this thread notes that .de requires certain values for TTL, refresh, retry, and expire times.

I had no trouble setting the Linode name servers for, which is registered with GoDaddy. I've found them to be good for domain registration, but terrible for webhosting.

> /2600:3c03:0:0:0:0:0:a:53


Address one: 2600:3c03:0:0:0:0:0:a

Address two: 2a01:7e00:0:0:0:0:0:a

These addresses really do work, I just tested them. The last :53 is the port.

Check that you were not giving the address plus the :53 to godaddy because that won't work.

Also - as other people have said - I'd not have too much trust in godaddy.


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