Need help with managing a website which runs on Linode

Dear all,

I am running a site through Linode Server. The recent maintenance change caused an error in some setting I cannot understand. The Linode Management panel says that everything is running, but when I look at the site and try to access it I get the following error

502 Bad Gateway


I have no clue what it is and Linode support basically say they do not understand it either and cannot help.

I have been working with the Putty thing and do get some access, but from there ( the sites prompt $) I do not understand how to move further.

Further, the site is running, but I would like to get all the files, and see how new developments can be carried out on it. The site is created in Python and Django.

Anyone with expertise on that?


William Goossen

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I would imagine that whomever configured your server may not have configured your web application to start automatically at boot. It sounds like your web server, Nginx, is unable to communicate with your backend web application. You'd just need to log in and get the Django app started up.

Unfortunately, there isn't one right way to do this and depends entirely on how it was configured. Have you tried reaching out to the person who configured the site to see how it was configured?


Dear Tim,

Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the developer and system admin passed away last November. Since then we managed to fire up the server, transfer it and restart the application.

it all worked fine for about 5 months now, until the maintenance transfer from Linode

So I have basically no clue where to do the Nginx reboot.


How to restart nginx depends on your distro. They manage services in different ways.

Might get more coverage if your post wasn't mis-filed under "Testimonials".

You're asking for tech help, not raving about how wonderful Linode is.


Might get more coverage if your post wasn't mis-filed under "Testimonials".

You're asking for tech help, not raving about how wonderful Linode is.

why not both?

I'm guessing gunicorn/wsgi isn't started. You definitely want to get another sysadmin/dev to take over, as there are a lot of variables here.

One thing to look out for is to make sure that the web server is set to work with the programming language that you have websites written in. It sounds like that was already done though.

Thanks all,

The site is written in Django / Python and has been running for years in the same configuration. It appeared to be a simple sudo nginx start instead of sudo nginx restart command that did the trick to get it up and running again.

I hate maintenance tasks….



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