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Hi all,

I just moved my Wordpress site to Linode from Hostgator. It worked fine yesterday and earlier, but after I posted a post and cleared cached through WP super cache, now the homepage goes back to how the site looked like before it was moved.

Weird thing is, if I link directly to a newly created subpage, it still works. Also, if I am logged in into wordpress, I can see the new homepage with new posts.

I have disabled WP super cache and removed clouldflare, still no luck. I also logged in to my old Hostgator and update the homepage (index.php), it doesn't change the current homepage. It's like the homepage is cached somewhere, and not associated with the new linode and old hostgator server. Very frustrated.

Any help will be very much appreciated.


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Perhaps it's in your browser's cache? Have you cleared your browser or tried a different one?

If you had cloudflare enabled I assume that's where the cache is living, and it might be a matter of cloudflare not having propagated your server move to all its edge servers. Please link to the site in question, that should help more with diagnosing what the matter is.

Thank you James and sirpengi. I really appreciate it.

Problem fixed. Turns out it has something to do with WP super cache. Even when it is disabled, cache files still need to be removed manually. At least in my case, after I change the name of the folder that contains all the cache files into something else, I can see my new site again.

Thanks again.


Check the browser caching settings of the plugin it could be caching html by accident on the client side. I recommend w3tc

if you have enabled browser caching in a cahing plugin like w3-total-cache etc and you visit a page before even logging into your website them it gets saved in your browser and next time served from your browser instead of your website.. so if you update content on that page from wp admin then you need to reload page (force refresh so browser pull content from your website rather than your browser's cache.)

Solution: while on that page, press ctrl+shift+R for windows. and for MAC, press Cmd+shift+R


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