Minecraft/TF2 server hosing help!

Just now i have been interested in hosting a couple Minecraft and TF2 servers using the basic $20 Linode plan. I am somewhat familiar with Linux but I am completely new to Linode. I just have a few questions:

****1.) How what is the max amount of players can I have on at one time with no lag (Minecraft and TF2)? (With some plugins on the servers as well)

2.) What is the upload and download speed of the $20 Linode plan

3.) What happens if you consume too much bandwidth?****



2 Replies

1. You can search around the forums for some hints, but I imagine the only way to know is for you to set up a server in the configuration you want. I have no experience to contribute.

2. All Linodes have a 250 megabit/sec outbound cap. This is mainly to prevent you from burning up your monthly transfer quota due to a misconfiguration or malicious activity. You can ask to have this limit changed, but you should have a good reason. There is no cap on inbound bandwidth.

3. If you consume more than 2 terabytes of transfer in a month (for a Linode 1GB), you can buy additional transfer or upgrade to a larger plan.

For tf2 i recommend to used this tool to edit you server.cfg



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