Slow Slow Slow

Hi guys Im still experiencing problems and am no woser if my linode is compromised, software hacked with malware etc.

My latest observation is that my adsense ads are loading mega slow.

Up untill recently everything was like lightening but now everything seems to grind. Adsense ads are extremely slow. I dont know if this is on my pc alone or if others are seeing this. My adesne revenue has dipped significantly and I dont know what the cause is. I may be being paranoid or there may be something going off but I dont know where to start.

Could you guys have a look and see if ads load slow for you. Please dont click them

Have I some type of connectivity problem going on ?? … g-festival">

Cheers - Glenn

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Loaded fine for me within 3 seconds.

Seemed to load fine for me as well, fwiw :)

Tried from both work and from home – both were fine. Try using your browser's Developer Tools, which will have some sort of waterfall graph indicating how long various objects take to load.


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