Out of disk space on new Linode - Ubuntu 12.04LTS

My Linode is about 3 weeks old. I'm on a 64-bit Ubuntu 12.04LTS 20GB image.

Today I tried to create a database and it told me I was out of space, in MySQL's own very cryptic way.

My Linode has the following on it:


WordPress 3.6

A new Wordpress site

The Wordpress site is small - really small. I had a couple other test sites on there that I removed. Anyone have ideas as to what could be eating at the disk space? I have IP Tables configured so I don't think I was hacked.

I'm not even sure how to tell what's taking up the space….


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What do you get when you run 'df -h' (without quotes)?

What size Linode do you have?


MSJ - this is embarrassing. I accidentally had my Linode setup at 1700MB instead of 17000MB. What an idiot.

The command you told me to run - what's that doing exactly? What's the best way to determine space consumption on Ubuntu? I'm still learning Linux - grew up with Novell Netware and Windows Server. =)


Running 'df -h' would show you the size of your disc(s) and their percentage of free space.

I'm glad it was as simple as a typo when setting up your Linode. Certainly easier to handle than a major disc issue ;-)


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