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I have ubuntu 11.10 node and I have developed with django an app. Now that I have finally finished I decided to put it using nginx and uwsgi. I am not expert for anything web related so searching on net it seems it is a common configuration.

I am having issues on understanding on how to configure nginx and uwsgi.

All info pages I find it seems all so easy but not for me.

First I noticed that I have nginx ver 1.0.5.

I wanted to pass to something newever hoping that will solve my problems.

I have does add-apt-repository ppa:nginx/stable and the commands related afterward.

Install went OK but my version is still showing 1.0.5.

Second: Can someone explain me the basic idea of nginx configuration and give some directions. I put my server related stuff in sites-available, but it seems ininfluental (yes I created the link in sites'enabled). But if I put the same block in nginx.conf I get some errors (at least I knnow it works).

What is the use of nginx.conf and the ones under sites-available? What should i put in nginx.conf?

Thanks for any explanation


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You'll need the following line inside your http block for the configs in sites-enabled to work

include /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*;

The default config from the ppa you're using doesn't seem to do that.

http://wiki.nginx.org/Configuration looks like a good starting point to learn the configurations


I am progessing, slowly.

I think it will be a better idea to upgrade your Ubuntu to 12.04, it has a v1.2 nginx version from Canonical's repositories which is much newer and much more stable than the one from PPA. Although the PPA one is much newer, I've used the PPA version in the past and one day it just kept crashing and I didn't have much time to troubleshoot so I switched back to the Canonical's version which is stable as hell. I advise you to do the same, just to be safe, because PPA version can never be so tightly integrated with the operating system as the version from the official repositories.

I have managed to put django/nginx/uwsgi up but I see that both nginx and uwsgi are older versions.

I was thinking to upgarede ubuntu so but I have no experience in doing.

Also I have no backup option enabled so if something goes wrong…



Also I see there exists 12.10 and 13.04.

Should I upgare to the last or somehow linode supports for now till 12.04?


Your best bet is to run LTS versions of Ubuntu since they receive support for 5 years instead of only 18 months like ordinary releases. Therefore, upgrading to 12.04 is your safest bet.

You can buy another Linode, clone your existing Linode to the new one and then check if everything works as you desire, and after you're sure, just swap your DNS entries to the new Linode and wipe out the old one. I've never done this myself but I've heard a lot of people on IRC that this is the safest way to do upgrades.


Now I now how I will upgrade.




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