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Hi all. I'm extremely limited to what I can accomplish at home these days so am considering getting a new linode to be a general purpose Linux server for me as well as allowing me to access and compile Android AOSP for my Nexus devices. At the general purpose level, I would want to be able to store files, use the system when I travel, and be a repository for my work and other files when on the road. Compiling AOSP requires a AMD64 compatible processor and about 2g of memory but I've done it before on 1g of system memory but it took a bit of time to get done.

Do others compile Android 4.3.x AOSP on linodes? I would probably want to compile a ROM a few times a week after sourcing a git repository upstream. The 2g linode is the one I am considering.

Thanks for any info.

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I've never tried, sorry. But note that if you sign up and then cancel, you can get a refund for the days in the month you didn't use. So instead of being out $40 to try a Linode 2GB, it's really $1.34/day. This may make it worth your while to take a chance and try it out.

Compiling Android eats CPU so it might get you suspended. I think you are better off getting a cheap dedi


Compiling Android eats CPU so it might get you suspended. I think you are better off getting a cheap dedi
CPU is limited so it shouldn't be a problem. I've had cpu intensive apps running on here and never had a problem.

Linode will never suspend you for CPU usage. While it's not recommended (because it's a shared medium with minimum performance guarantees), there are users here (coughzunzuncough) who max out their CPUs for extended periods without repercussions. Why (no issues)? Because it's Linode's job to manage that resource.

Thanks guys! Appreciate the responses. I'm going to give the 2g linode a try for my general purposes and AOSP compiling needs and see how it goes.


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