Upgrading Squeeze to Wheezy with DotDeb already in source


I am running Debian Squeeze on 3 separate servers (1 web with nginx, and 2 db's with mysql). I wanted to upgrade to Wheezy, but I have been using Dotdeb to have a later version of php and mysql.

For the upgrade, do I need to take any extra precautions because of dotdeb? do i need to remove those from sources list first or anything?


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I was testing just this on a local VPS a few days ago. I started with Debian 6 plus the Dotdeb repo, including PHP 5.4.

I got a clean upgrade to Debian 7 with Debian's php 5.4 like this:

  • Run apt-get update/upgrade to bring the Debian 6 system up to date

  • Remove the dotdeb php54 squeeze repo from sources (leaving the main dotdeb repo in place)

  • Edit all occurrences of 'squeeze' to 'wheezy' in sources

Then proceed with the upgrade.

Dotdeb has php 5.5 for Wheezy. You can later add it to sources and upgrade if that's what you want.

One minor hitch I encountered is that sysklog is gone from Debian 7. Irrelevant if you're running rsyslogd currently in your Deb 6 :)

ok, thanks for the info. i will make a backup and try that.


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