Which is better - The Planet or HE?

Hey all. I'm on Host5 which is one of the original hosts still at The Planet. Just wondering if anyone has any opinions on which is "better" - The Planet or HE?

The "Linode Network Infrastructure" page lists HE as a "Tier I Network Provider" and The Planet as a "Tier II Network Provider". I'm not quite sure what that means. Does it mean that HE's internet connectivity is better than The Planet's? The network topography maps for these two providers doesn't really show much difference in connectivity as far as I can tell.

The reason that I am happy to be with The Planet is that I like the ping times … because The Planet is in Texas, I get roughly the same ping times (50 ms or so) from both the west and east coast of the USA, and since I spend roughly half of my time on each coast, I am happy to have a consistently quick connection.

I checked pings for HE, and they were better from the west coast (30 ms or so) but worse from the east coast (like 80 ms). Of course one would expect this since HE is in California.

Just wondering if there is really any big difference between the network connectivity for these two providers, aside from the difference in ping times from the two side of the USA …

Any ideas?



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There is not a great deal of difference between them.

They are both good datacenters, the reason some people prefer one datacenter of the other is because of the access times, the ping times.

To most people it does not matter.

HE is a Tier I provider as they own most of the links out of the datacenter, TP purchase transet from other providers, AT&T, Timewarner etc.


I hope it's only temporary, but today I'm seeing a lot of latency in HE:

9 sntcca1wcx1-pos13-0-oc192.wcg.net ( 72.802 ms 73.271 ms 72.915 ms

10 sntcca4lcx1-pos6-0.wcg.net ( 366.325 ms 417.019 ms 333.949 ms

11 sntcca4lce1-hurricane-gige.wcg.net ( 67.093 ms 71.185 ms 76.651 ms

12 pos1-1.gsr12416.fmt.he.net ( 102.95 ms 74.787 ms 74.468 ms

13 pos10-0.gsr12012.fmt.he.net ( 1615.55 ms 1585.94 ms 1580.37 ms

Those 1.5 second times are frustrating, especially since I'm trying to scp some files into my linode and it keeps pausing and stalling. It's probably a temporary issue, since I don't think it was doing this yesterday (I haven't had my linode up for even a full 48 hours yet).

Yeah, we're getting about 2 second pings to H.E right now (about 10 am Thursday EST).

Looks like something wierd going on.

Performance is usually good.

Its now 10:36 and things seem to be back to normal. Pings from me are now 93 ms.

Yep, must have been a short-lived issue. Figures that it would happen while I was transfering files… :)


Yep, must have been a short-lived issue. Figures that it would happen while I was transfering files… :)

Ah, so it was YOU hogging the bandwidth! :-)


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