Does Domain Registrar Matter for Speed?

I switched hosting my websites through Linode because I'm trying to make my sites as fast as possible, and when I was with GoDaddy for hosting I noticed they would take FOREVER to load, checked out their IP and they were hosting 1000 websites on the same box… but now I still have most of my domains w/ Godaddy and 1 with NameCheap and about to start a new site or two and am wondering if GoDaddy's hosting is that crowded and slow maybe their nameservers are also overloaded?

Is there any difference in this area? Otherwise, their control panel is not bad and neither is their phone support so it would not be bad to keep all my domains in one spot..

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The registrar has nothing to do with the speed of your site. GD's hosting is pretty abysmal, but I've never had an issue with GD's name servers. You can always set up your site's DNS servers in your Linode manager and not have to worry about GD at all.


FWIW, if you want a DNS service that is cost effective and very high performance, check out DNS Made Easy. Amazon Route 53 is also very good.


Or, you could just use Linode's DNS services. They come free with your Linode.


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