New user frustration with pointing domain to Linode

Hi all

Going nuts trying to get my domain names to point to my linode servers. I created a site locally and went to bluehost and had everything setup only to find that their service is spotty confirmed by a 3hr + outage. Anyways I stumbled accross linode set and signed right up…

So I am all set, if i map to my IP I can see my site so I know it is working. But when I type in my domain name it goes to a default Bluehost page. My domains are with Godaddy and I changed the name server from the bluehost servers to the 5 linodes per the getting started guide but it still is not working i am not sure what to do? I did the reverse DNS and I got an email saying my website domains have had been changed. I tried that checkdns or whatever and all these servers are pinging with my new IP address what else can I do?

Thanks in advance.

PS i am very much a newbie so if you could state thing simply it would be much appreciated. I enjoy learning about all this stuff.

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Please provide a domain that is exhibiting this behavior, so we can help diagnose.


my domain name is

my IP address is

I switched my nameserver on godaddy to


OK - you created the wrong zone in our DNS Manager. You'll want to delete the one you created, and create a new one that is just the bare domain name - "". That will fix you up.


That did it!!!

You guys rock!

Many Thanks!!!

Happy New Years!


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