Can I download files with putty directly to linode ?

The situation is this: I have a .zip file on another web server, like

Now, I can download that file on my computer, and then upload it to my linode with filezilla for example, thats ok. But this file have 2.5 GB, and thats gonna take a lot with my upload speed.

So my question is, can I somehow log in with Putty, and somehow download that file directly to my linode ?

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You're looking for wget. You can run the following command from a putty session to your Linode:


You may have to install wget if it doesn't already exist on your Linode…

To install wget on Ubuntu/Debian:

apt-get install wget

To install wget on CentOS/Fedora/RedHat:

yum install wget

If the site you're trying to download a file from requires a login you can also try a text based browser called "lynx".


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