DNS redirect

Hi all!

I've 2 domains hosted in my Linode.



And the domain2 may be redirect to domain1

I've setup twice domains in DNS Manager, and point to the only one IP from my Linode, and when setup the domain2 i have delete all A register and add CNAME

Hostname Aliases to TTL Options

www www.domain1.cl Default

And now, domain2 not redirect to domain1.

What i've wrong? (sorry by my poor english)


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From a DNS perspective, both domains need to resolve to the IP address of your web server. Add A records for domain1.com, www.domain1.com, domain2.com, and www.domain2.com that all point to that IP address.

If you want web requests for http://www.domain2.com/ to be redirected to http://www.domain1.com/, this will be handled by your web server software, like Apache or nginx. Instructions vary depending on your choice of server and configuration.


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