Mount ext3 as ext4 in /etc/fstab

Hi folks,

I've read in two separate forum threads that you can mount ext3 as ext4 in /etc/fstab and this would give you some improvements. Found this semi-explanation that explained what improvements you might see. ~~[" target="blank">]( … converting">](

Are there any Linode-specific implications to doing this?

Any info appreciated.


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Is there any specific reason that you wouldn't just convert your filesystems to ext4? In any event, I don't think there would be anything Linode-specific about this, so long as you're not using a custom kernel and it isn't your boot partition. Linode reportedly uses an older version of pv-grub that has some limitations (although I have no idea what those limitations are).

As I understand it from forum threads, ext4 isn't compatible with some features of Linode's software. The two mentioned were backups and disk-resizing, something I need. No clue if anything else is incompatible.


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