Asterisk errors after upgrading to a new host


I'm having some difficulties running Asterisk after upgrading to one of the new hosts. I'm running Arch Linux 64 bit, as 32 bit isn't supported just yet and I wanted to upgrade as soon as I could. Almost everything ran okay accept for Asterisk and a few other packages that needed to be compiled, but Asterisk is my main focus at the moment.

After the upgrade to the new host, I was able to continue running Asterisk under the 32 bit software that was on the Linode before I switched everything to 64 bit, as compiling things could cause some problems and not go as smoothly as I liked. That succedded, then when I ran Asterisk, I received an error similar to the following:

traps: asterisk[5033] trap invalid opcode ip:44cccf sp:7fffa4d9f4a0 error:0 in asterisk[400000+259000]
systemd-coredump[5034]: Process 5033 (asterisk) dumped core.

I received a similar error when I deployed a fresh copy of Arch Linux and compiled Asterisk on it. My next solution was to try and run the stock Arch Linux kernel, since I could with 64 bit. I successfully did so, recompiled Asterisk, then received the following error:

Illegal instruction (core dumped)

I don't know where to get the dumped core files despite my finding that Asterisk places them in the working directory, which ought to be the directory I'm running Asterisk from, I would assume.

My last test, which I'll have to do at a later date, is to convert my last server on one of the old hosts to 64 bit and see if I encounter the same problem, though I'm not certain if I will or not. If anyone has any other solutions, things I could try, etc, that would be most appreciated.


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