I've made a Windows dynamic DNS client for Linode

I just moved to an ISP who doesn't offer static IP's so I've written a little Windows app to act as a dynamic DNS client for a domain hosted with Linode's DNS service.

It's pretty simple - Enter your API key, the domain/zone and the A record (subdomain) you want to use. These must all already exist (and you should set a low ttl)! It'll grab your IP every 15 minutes and if it has changed since the last time it'll use the Linode API to update the record. It doesn't support AAAA records and is untested on IPv6 connections however if anyone wants this I'm happy to give it a shot.

You can have it start with windows and start minimised so it should be a set and forget solution :)

You can grab it here: http://www.saltbyte.com/dump/LinodeDDNS.rar

This requires .NET 4.5 but that could be lowered if it's a big deal.

If anyone wants the source for peace of mind I am happy to give it out.

~~![](<URL url=)http://i.imgur.com/Rn6rK5Z.png" />

Edit: 2015/Feb/03 - Big fixes and updates to work with API changes.~~

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Hmm seems nice, but why exactly does it need to talk to variable.co.nz…..? This seems really unnecesary to me? Please put the source on GitHub if you really want to open this up to the community and make us trust this. Thanks.

Not to steal the OP's thunder, but I built a similar app some time ago (which was an upgrade to an older version that wasn't very configurable). Built with .NET 2.0, so it should run on Windows and any platform Mono supports, and is GPL2 with full source available.



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