IP Based virtual hosting with dedicated IP for SSL cert?

Oooo, I'm confused. I read somewhere that if I want my site to have the more secure "HTTPS" address that I need to have a SSL certificate (a commercial one ideally) that is assigned to a dedicated IP address. That's fine; I have only one website and IP now. I plan to add a couple more and use dedicated IP's for those too.

Alright then (said with a Scottish accent) how should I set up my server initially? I've tried reading the Apache documentation, but it's not very clear.

Would really appreciate some pointers. Thank you so much!!!

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Ok, I'm going to take a guess that I just need to follow the Tutorial "SSL Certificates with Apache 2 on Ubuntu 12.04z" and use Wildcard certificates, which states: "as they are signed for multiple hostnames and therefore can be used to provide SSL service for multiple sites using a single IP address".

That said, is there any other distinct advantage to having unique IP's for other sites?



If you have multiple domains - i.e. example.com and mysite.com - you need seperate certificates and as such seperate IPs. If you want www.example.com, sub1.example.com and mail.example.com - all subdomains of example.com - you can use a wildcard certificate.

There are techniques such as SNI to use multiple SSL certificates on one IP. But if your userbase exists out of people that still use Win. XP that might not be an option, since it doesn't support SNI iirc. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ServerNameIndication


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