host20 problems?

Hello Chris,

Just about 30 minutes ago i began having problems with my Linode.

Started out with a sudden disconnection, and everything went down (IP was dead completely) and I was emerging a new Python within the middle of a "world" update on my Gentoo :( … I scheduled a reboot an then the reboot job wasn't starting for about 5-10 minutes … I filed a support ticket for that but I don't think it was something local so you might just ignore/close that ticket.

Eventually the jobs started and the linode was rebooted (added this detail to that filed ticket), I ssh'ed back in and after some minutes bang, disconnected again and again comepletely dead for some time (at the time i'm writing this it's still dead) … The load on the linode is at "medium" (the bar is at about 40%).

Anyone else experiencing this on host20?

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The latest problems I think came from the fact that my Gentoo box was waiting for the root password to do a fscheck because there were big damages to the fs caused by the first disconnection/hang :(

I have another gentoo copied with dd so I'll be using that.

Would be good to know what caused the interruption in the first place (it went dead, just like that) and then secondly after I booted into the backup box. The first box is messed up good. I have a dd backup i'll restore now so apart from the public services downtime, no harm done :)

i'll keep you posted if it happens again.


Thanks for the report.

There was a DOS attack against a Linode that caused the packet loss. This Linode has been removed from service. Things should be back to normal.



BTW, use screen to do your emerging – it'll save time when you lose your connection (for whatever reason, local or not), and is useful for lots of other things, too :)



Edit: the logged interuption I spoke about below wasn't the first one that killed my box, i wasn't using screen at that time (unfortunately) … you were right :)

I was using screen :). I saw the interruption in a log file that I always put on another linode disk.

I usually use screen when doing big emerges and pipe the output through "tee".

Next time we will both kindly ask the DOS attackers to give headakes to other providers :). Anyway, its a sign of popularity and sometimes flattery (helps improve the security too :D)

p.s. Jesus, you do respond quick! (I mean you Chris :D) … So much for the sunday rest eh? :)


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