Cloning a Linode, any advice?

Hello everyone,

I have a 1GB Linode running 4 simple wordpress installs.

I'd like to move one of those installs to another 1GB Linode of it's own.

Can I do this by cloning my current Linode and changing the IP with my domain registrar?

Does cloning include data or is it just OS?

Many thanks.

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If you clone your existing Linode disk image it will copy everything. This includes all four of your wordpress sites, your databases, etc. It will also bring over your config files that identify your host, email, etc. Be sure to change all the items that identify your Linode to the correct new settings. Also remove the other three wordpress sites that you're not using on your new Linone.

BTW, you'll want to shut down your existing Linode before you clone the hard drive just to make sure that nothing is in flux. The Linode documentation is very good on how to go about doing this.



Thanks very much for your help!


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