New product request: Cheap magnetic storage

Hi guys,

I am in need of more storage than what my current Linode plan has, but without upgrading the CPU or RAM. I'm starting to find it difficult to continue justifying the cost of my current plan when there aren't options to satisfy my storage needs. Why are there not any offerings for attaching additional storage to my plan for cheaper than $1/gb/month? That's really expensive! In contrast, EBS storage is $2.50/mo for 50GB.

Is there anything in the works for offering cheaper, non-ssd mass storage that we can attach to our VMs?

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It should be noted that the storage wasn't any cheaper when it was magnetic, although it was still 15K RPM drives at that point.

It's been one of the most frequent complains about Linode for many years now, so I think most of us have given up on expecting a solution.

If your use case requires a decent amount of data storage, you may want to combine your Linode infrastructure with a few bulk storage dedicated servers at another provider. You can see dedicated servers go below $10/TB/mth at some other providers, so putting a few of those behind your Linodes can work.


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