Debian 7: ndisc_router_discovery failed to add default route

I'm running Debian 7 on my Linode. I'm new to IPv6.

I'm getting this error message in /var/log/kern.log every 5-30 seconds. I want to fix it.

"ICMPv6: RA: ndiscrouterdiscovery failed to add default route"

I did some web searches and found that there was a time when network-manager somehow conflicted with the kernel with regards to IPv6 routing. I checked to see if I had network-manager installed, but it wasn't. I configured everything statically.

So I figured I misconfigured my IPv6 address, but it looks right, too. Everything (/etc/resolv.conf, /etc/network/interfaces) matches the addresses in the Remote Access tab of Linode Manager. Furthermore, I can ping using ping6. So I have IPv6 connectivity.

I did find it odd that Linode manager specified my IPv6 gateway as fe08::1. That's not globally routable, right? At the same time, it still works, so…

I don't know what to look for next. Any tips?

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What output do these commands return? Make sure to use the root user.

ip -6 addr

ip -6 route

ip -6 neigh


sysctl net/ipv6/conf/eth0


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