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I have successfully set up my Wordpress blog and now I need to set up my contact form to work properly. I am using ninja forms for the contact form and I don't have an email for the domain. So to give you an example the website is www.example.com and the email is contact.example@gmail.com. How can I set up the contact form to forward the emails to the gmail account?



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Hey there,

Actually, Ninja Forms allows you to set the e-mail your form goes to by setting up a notification. You can learn more about that on their website:

http://docs.ninjaforms.com/article/206- … ions-email">http://docs.ninjaforms.com/article/206-notifications-email

They have really detailed docs, so that's always a benefit. So, technically all you need to do is set up the e-mail in the notifications section :)




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