Linode is Great!

I know Linux, but I've never tried to administer a remote server before. I rented a tiny Linode to practice on. My goal is to set up a server as the centerpoint for a small company that has several employees but no office. The server allows easy file sharing, web hosting, e-mail, and VPN. My intent was to move to a dedicated server after I learn how.

I now think that the little Linode will suffice. It's a wonderful training tool, but it also provides all I need for the virtual company. This might not be true if we were a retailer, but it's fine for all company internal stuff and light-duty web presence. Even if we grow, I will probably retain the small Linode and simply add a dedicated server or (or a bigger Linode if I can get one at an alternate site for diversity.)

So far, My Linode has re-booted three times: Once on purpose when I changed distributions, once when the host hardware was accidentally unplugged, and today when the UPS failed. It has never failed due to Linode or host software.

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I also am extremely happy with my linode. It has been one of the most stable shared hosting solutions I have used. The minimal amount of downtime is great and the sharing scheme seems to work out great to give me the little bit of power I need for the server. Great Job!


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