Squid proxy tuning

Hi guys,

Last year I ran a simple proxy3 setup with a UK Linode so that I could get access to the BBC iplayer from outside the UK.

The box was a bit of a dev box and recently I wiped the box and I've just put squid back on and Iplayer and webpage load is very slow. iplayer won't even stream a minute of video before having to buffer again. On the previous setup it was flawless.

So the only thing I have done to get squid running is to make the port available via iptables.

I'm running a Linode 2048, with only one wordpress blog on it.

The resources are free though I can see that when trying to use iplayer, the CPU hits 90% instantly and stops as soon as I turn it off.

I'm Ubuntu 14.04

Any idea on how to get this to run efficiently?

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