DNS notifies being ignored

I have a slave zone configured in the DNS manager. The master is my linode.

Having made a revision, bumped the serial and reloaded the zone, the linode is sending notifies to IPv4 and IPv6 addresses (I can see them on the wire with tcpdump) but no IXFR/AXFR is being attempted by Linode's DNS servers. They're definitely enabled, I can see a routine refresh of another zone taking place.

A retry with rndc notify and I can once again see the notifies but no attempt to reload is occurring.

Anyone else seeing their notifies being ignored?

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You will need to notify axfr1-5.linode.com instead of ns1-5.linode.com, since the authoritative nameservers are now behind cloudflare.

Here's the docs. Note nothing is mentioned on the linode manager (sadface)

https://www.linode.com/docs/networking/ … omain-zone">https://www.linode.com/docs/networking/dns/dns-manager-overview#add-a-domain-zone

Issued solved.

I had that notify list configured, seems the problem occurred months ago when a Linux upgrade brought BIND up to 9.9 and the syntax for also-notify changed so that ACLs and master notify lists are now separate things. I hadn't changed DNS since then.


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