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Is there a way to export/import settings in the DNS manager? I am experimenting with changes, but I would like to restore from a backup if things go wrong.


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You can get a zone file from the "Zone file" link on the DNS Manager's page: … main-zones">

You can import zones as well with the "Import" link on the bottom of the DNS Manager's page: … -with-axfr">

As I have hundreds of domains where I want to backup my DNS entries, I use this procedure:

Open in chrome browser.
Use this plugin "Multi-File Downloader" to access the files of the links.

Filter By File Name: zonefile
Folder: yymmdd, i.e. 190419 for today.
Button: Download All!

Then I move this folder to my folder
/Linode/Backup for DNS records/

For each domain I find a html-file containing the settings.
Just in case…


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