Can I check my files through Linode manager?

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I have uploaded all my files through FILEZILLA in ubuntu but I don't know how to browse them through Linode manager. I wonder if I can only access all files through FILEZILLA?

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Linode is not a shared hosting provider so you don't get the same tools that shared hosting providers offer. Your files are on your Linode. You can view the files in any way you can access a server:

1. Using Filezilla which itself is using SFTP or FTP.

2. Logging in to the terminal via Linode's Lish and then browsing them on the command line: … shell-lish">

3. Logging in to the terminal via SSH and then browsing them on the command line

4. Installing some sort of webapp that allows you to browse your files.

FTP and option 4 are the least safe to do on the Internet.

I use fish:// to work with files remotely with either Dolphin or Konqueror- graphical over ssh.

Thanks, @FelicianoTech Friend you mention everything briefly about how can we check files through Linode manager. :wink:


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