How do I run the pending upgrade?

Avatar anirevo 3 months, 2 weeks ago

My panel keeps saying "pending upgrade", but how do I run the upgrade?

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If you are talking about the 18.04 upgrade, there is a document explaining how to upgrade in the documentation section

I'm on CentOS. Not really sure what the pending upgrade as the linode summary only shows:

CentOS 7
Linode 2GB (pending upgrade): 1 CPU, 30G Storage, 2G RAM

I think it has something to do with the recent Plan upgrades?


This is yet another thing that only shows up on and not on The new control panel only shows the notice but not being able to do anything.

The upgrade that the manager is referring to is to move from our 5th generation of plans to the new 6th generation. Depending on the plan you are currently using, the upgrades could include more RAM, SSD space or CPU cores. All of the new plans and their details can be found on our pricing page

As anirevo pointed out, the upgrade does not function in the Cloud Manager Beta, but rather in the traditional Linode Manager. If you login there and navigate to the Dashboard for the Linode you wish to upgrade, you will automatically be taken to the upgrade prompts.

Thanks for the confirmation, tommydavidson


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