How do I login to my Linode from Weblish


I wish to login to my linode from the Weblish console.

What should be the username and password for this and is there a way to reset them?

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The password was reseted from the dashboard. The question is solved.


Your username for Lish by default is root and your password is whatever you set your root password to for that particular Linode. This root password can be reset from within your Linode Manager. From your Linode Dashboard you will see a tab labeled Rescue. On this tab there is a field where you can enter a new password, then when you click Reset Root Password your root password will be updated. You can then use this password to log in as root to Lish as described above.

Using the Linode Shell (Lish)

Reset Root Password

Thanks adeleon. I used root as the username and the password for that linode.


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