How can I find out more about Linode's physical and data security measures?

Linode Staff

Can you describe some of the security measures in place for Linode infrastructure, such as physical security?

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We are happy to provide some general information regarding physical security of our data centers. All of our facilities utilize multiple methods of security. Numerous levels of both physical and biometric security exist including fences, swipe cards which include a PIN followed by face/eye scanners and man-traps. Trained security guards are employed at some facilities.

Linode equipment is also safely locked away behind cages and cabinets that only certain employees have clearance for. Nobody enters our cages without first being authorized by our staff.

All visitors to every facility are escorted. All facilities are monitored 24/7/365. Visitors and customers in all locations are issued badges or key cards.

We also invite you to view our Security page for more information

We also have a wealth of knowledge on security topics in our Documentation


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