Security at Linode


We're committed to ensuring the security of our infrastructure and our users' data.

Each of the facilities we colocate with enforces multiple layers of security via a variety of technological and human measures. Beyond that, all our equipment is in locked cages.

We enforce strict filtering rules to ensure that Linodes can only communicate using their allowed IP addresses. This prevents Linodes from spoofing other Linodes' IPs or performing man-in-the-middle attacks on our private network.

Linodes themselves operate within KVM or Xen virtualization, which ensures that each Linode has its own kernel and userspace, which are fully separate from other Linodes. This ensures that a malicious Linode cannot access either the host itself or other Linodes' resources.

Report Abuse

If you've witnessed abuse or suspected abuse originating from our network, please contact our Abuse Team. Include logs of the offending activity if possible.

Report a Security Issue

If you believe you've identified a security concern with the Linode platform or our network, we ask that you contact our Security Team. Our PGP key for disclosure is E761 B136 9CDC 105D 327B 0C66 7D8A FB74 2A53 D548.