How do I fix a Linode with network restrictions in place

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I need to fix my server but I can't access it with the restrictions that resulted from the ToS ticket I have open with Linode Support. What do I do?

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There are a couple options if you need to investigate a problem that has caused us to place network restrictions on your Linode.

The first option is to use the Lish console. The Lish console should always work no matter what network restrictions are in place.

Sometimes it can be challenging to fix issues while network restrictions are in place. For example, it can be tough to install certain tools like ClamAV.

We can temporarily lift network restrictions during your investigation if you boot your Linode into Rescue Mode.

Make sure to let us know in a ticket that your Linode is in Rescue Mode if you opt to go that route.

And of course check out our guide on securing your server to prevent network restrictions from happening in the first place.

Hello, please find out the reason. The customer ordered the product from me. I need to process the order and ship the customer. My website is not a phishing website, thank you. what should I do?

@xujiaxing I've answered your question over here. I hope this helps clarify things!

Well, I'll be so sorry, everything will be removed

I amd sorry, This should be my customer using BitTorrent to download, I have blocked all BitTorrent protocols.

Please don't apply any restrictions to my servers. There is nothing wrong here.

Good morning, we need the restrictions to be temporarily lifted in order to install fail2ban and ufw, change the port of the application that we use, as well as the passwords of all users. thank you so much.

@Alimentos_Cooperativos Please submit this message as a direct reply to your Support ticket. Our Support Team cannot take any actions from replies on this Community Site post. Thank you!


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