Do restored Linodes take up extra HD space

I just restored a Linode from Backup, and it looks like my restored image and the previous image are both on my server? Is this correct?

I don't need the previous image. Can I delete it, if so how?

Here is what it says on my dashboard when I look at the at the latest backup in my dashboard.

Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Disk (ext4) - 5797MB
512 MB Swap Image (swap) - 0MB
Restore 139219 - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Disk (ext4) - 4998MB
Restore 139219 - 512 MB Swap Image (swap) - 0MB
Restore 139229 - Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Disk (ext4) - 5085MB
Restore 139229 - 512 MB Swap Image (swap) - 0MB

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When you restore a Linode, the disks in that backup are copied from storage onto your Linode. All disks take up space, so for example if this were a Linode 1G then you currently have 8184MB of free space.

25600MB - 5797MB - 512MB - 4998MB - 512MB - 5085MB - 512MB = 8184MB

Because they take up space, when the disks are restored they're sized to fit their contents so you have more room to work with on the Linode itself during recovery. To get them back to their pre-restore size, you'll need to resize them.

Restoring does not delete disks. If you restore two different backups in succession, then the original 2 disks will remain on the Linode, and 2 more sets of disks from the 2 restores will also be on the Linode. That would result in the 6 disks you're currently seeing.

If you are certain you don't need one of the restores anymore, you can delete it by clicking "Remove" in the classic manager, or go to "Settings" > "Advanced Configurations" > "Disks" > "…" > "Delete" in the Cloud Manager.

One final note, it is a good idea to delete disks once you're done recovering. The Linode Backup Service backs up all disks on the Linode, so if you were to leave 6 disks on it, future backups would backup all 6 disks. That could make restoring in the future more cumbersome.

The Cloud Manager user interface has been updated since this post was created. You can find the instructions for how to delete unwanted disks from the below guide.

Deleting a Disk


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